"I came to ECHS with high expectations and... goals... Joey, Jay & Mrs. Ann have helped my classmates & I reach everyone of those goals & more.  The instructors made it their job to give the students... the dedication needed to succeed in the industry.  Thank you East Coast Horseshoeing School!  Danny Ward would be proud."

- Dallas

"...it was an investment and the best one I ever made.  This school has taught me so much in so little time.  This program put their heart and sole into me and I did the same."


"I learned so much in that short time and was encouraged every step of the way.  If anyone is looking at different schools to come to I urge you to come to this one.  You will learn more here than anywhere else."


"Joey brought 5 apprentices with him to OKT Farms, LLC in NC. Their workmanship was excellent. He supervised them and explained things, but let them have the freedom to practice their craft. It is obvious that they have been taught well and that they know what they are doing."

- Wendy Tatum


"Feet look great.  Students are easy to talk to, follow instructions to the letter, personable and professional.  They are the bomb.com"

-Kiera Torres 


"You guys are awesome and are doing a great job, never felt more at home away from home.  It's been a great experience and I have learned so much."



"There was so much hands-on experience with horses, which was very important to me, as well as time in the forge.  I am leaving ready to start my career as a farrier."

- Ginny 


    "...it truely felt like there was no stupid questions.  For many years to come I'll have both of you guys to thank for helping me and not losing patience with me as well."

 - Hannah