East Coast Horseshoeing School is a State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) approved school.  It was established in 2021 by Ann Hope White and Jonas (Joey) White.

Mission Statement:

As an accomplished farrier and owner of a successful business, Joey White wants the opportunity to give people the same great experience he has had. We believe that college is not for everyone, so our goal is to provide knowledge about a beneficial trade and how hard work and dedication pays off. ECHS will teach lessons and responsibility that will open doors for our students in the future, even if they choose not become full time farriers.

General Information:

Students will have access to Administration and instructor Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.  We are here to teach people not only how to shoe horses but how to be a successful business owner.  The schools Administration is run by Ann Hope White.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Averett College and has managed Joey’s finances and legal obligations for his farrier business 23 years.  At any time if a student feels they need to address a problem, that student can go to Ann Hope, with no concern of unfair treatment.  If we are unable to resolve your complaint, then you can contact SCHEV through the following link: https://schev.edu/index/students-and-parents/resources/student-complaints

The class will be made up of working with horses, forge instruction and class time.  The class size will consist of no more than 8 students.  The instruction is set up to build on what you learned the week before.  We know everyone learns at a different pace.  If you are struggling with a skill you will have free time to put in extra work.  If you need more instruction time, other than the scheduled class time, that will be arranged.  We do not want anyone to be left behind.  When you are self-employed no one is responsible for your failure or success other than you.   This is based on how hard you are willing to work and learn

Students will have access to educational books and Wi-Fi at all times during the 8 weeks of class. 

Meet The Instructor

Joey White, Farrier


The instructor, Joey White, is a second-generation farrier who has experience in all breeds and disciplines of horses. He has been self-employed full time shoeing horses for 23 years. Joey is a hands-on learner and he wants to teach the same way. He attended school at this same address under Danny Ward.

So, to retire from shoeing horses and come back to where he started is very rewarding. Joey loves what he does and wants to teach other people what he has learned from his dad and during his own career.

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